About Us

About History Makers


History Makers was established in 2001 as a management and people development company with the aim to ensure superior service and returns to our clients. We are a world class education and training company that impacts multi generations from classroom to boardroom. This is done by offering extra lessons to school learners, work readiness programme to graduates and corporate training to professionals.We believe that true learning begins at a schooling age to tertiary then it endlessly continues in the work place. 


We also believe that highly effective employees are a product of continuous training and learning, and companies that invest in the development of their most important asset that is human resources remain in the cutting edge of business.


We offer education, training & speaking solution to organisations & individuals


Ownership Structure

History Makers Business Consulting CC is a 100% black owned company, with 100% equity ownership in female hands.


Our Vision

To impart knowledge that will uplift and empower individuals to realize their full potential in their area of expertise.


Our Mission

To capitalize on human capital through effective teaching, training, facilitation, coaching, and consulting.


Our Guiding Values

1. Integrity – We make and keep our promises with honesty

2. Professionalism – Our image, presentation and service is quality oriented

3. Service Excellence – We give accurate, timely and value added services

4. Customer Satisfaction – We deliver to satisfy the client

5. Innovation and creativity – We explore, and implement new and reliable solutions


Our Motto

We make history in everything we touch.